Behnam Rostami DDS – Top Benefits of Invisalign

Behnam Rostami DDS has seen many people struggle with metal braces during his long, 30-plus-year career in dentistry. For decades, metal braces were the only way to straighten teeth effectively. Orthodontists, especially in the United States, where Rostami lives, routinely prescribed metal braces to patients even though they are known to be cumbersome and uncomfortable because there was no alternative. These days, however, more dentists and orthodontists are turning away from conventional metal braces in favor of Invisalign braces, which are smooth, comfortable, and removable. Here are some benefits of Invisalign:

Invisalign braces straighten teeth faster. Metal braces usually take up to five years to fully correct crooked teeth. Invisalign takes only a year to a year and a half to perform the same functions as metal braces. Behnam Rostami DDS has seen excellent results from Invisalign in that time frame.

No surprises. In the past, dentists like Behnam Rostami DDS have had to use trial-and-error to determine if metal braces are being as effective as they could be. Today, though, dentists can plan treatments completely on the computer, calculating exactly how long the treatment will take and how it can be most effective.

Invisalign prevents gum and tooth damage. Sometimes, metal braces can cause gum and tooth damage because they use a large amount of force to straighten teeth. This can cause issues with demineralization and tooth decay. Clear aligners don’t have these problems. They are much easier on the teeth themselves.

Behnam Rostami DDS keeps recommending Invisalign to his patients because it has been proven to work.


Behnam Rostami DDS – What is Tooth Extraction?

Behnam Rostami DDS is a skilled and experienced dentist with offices in Santa Rosa, California and Gilroy, California. He worked as a dentist with his own office in Tehran, Iran for 14 years before he moved to the United States and became fully licensed to practice in California. He has worked as an associate dentist and a general dentist for several other offices in the region, and he has performed his share of tooth extractions.

Tooth extractions are dental procedures and are exactly what they sound like. Behnam Rostami DDS and other professionals like him remove teeth from patients when they become unrepairable for a number of reasons. They sometimes perform tooth extractions when they determine that they need to stop or prevent overcrowding in the mouth. Behnam Rostami DDS has removed many teeth for patients for a variety of reasons. Usually these reasons ranging from tooth decay, periodontal disease in the gums, or dental trauma. A typical patient requiring tooth extraction usually comes to a dentist with a severe toothache or other discomfort resulting from a diseased tooth. Despite the fear and uneasiness surrounding these procedures, most are handled easily and mostly painlessly. The dentist usually only needs to administer local anesthetic to numb the pain, rather than put the patient under with anesthesia.

Behnam Rostami DDS has performed tooth extractions on hundreds of patients over his long career. Most of these procedures are preventable with proper maintenance of teeth and regular checkups, which can catch tooth decay and gum disease before they become serious problems.

Behnam Rostami DDS – Three Advantages of Dental Implants

One of the specialties of Behnam Rostami DDS that he has become known for in his community in northern California is dental implants. Rostami has been practicing dentistry for decades in both his native Iran and in the United States and he swears by dental implants, which are becoming increasingly more popular in recent years. Here are three of the many benefits of dental implants for all dental patients:

  • Reduce the load on oral structures. Behnam Rostami DDS loves putting in implants because they offer independent support to crowns, overdentures, and bridgework, and ease the stress on normal teeth.
  • Preserve natural tooth tissue. Normal bridgework usually involves cutting down adjacent teeth. Dental implants make that practice unnecessary in most cases, preserving natural tooth structure.
  • Preserve bone and reduce bone resorption and deterioration. Dental implants act as natural teeth, allowing dentists like Behnam Rostami DDS to avoid problems with jawbone damage.

Through the years, Behnam Rostami DDS has worked on his ability to preserve his patients’ natural tooth and jawbone structure. He believes that a light touch is best in dentistry whenever possible. Dental implants are an excellent way to do this while still providing the best repair work and preventative measures possible.

Dental implants allow patients to retain as much of the natural tooth structure as possible while still delivering top-notch repair services. Many patients around the world have already realized the many benefits of dental implants provided by skilled dental surgeons like Dr. Rostami and others.