Behnam Rostami DDS – Creative Ways for Staying Warm when Camping Overnight

Behnam Rostami DDS is a dentist from California who likes to stay active, hike, camp, and travel.

Staying warm is one of the most important things you need to pay attention to when you spend time hiking or camping, especially on overnight trips. There are just four ways to stay warm. The first and most important one is to dress properly and be able to add or remove layers based on your level of activity. The other ones are adding more insulation, using fire, and staying active.

Your body starts to generate heat when you move. This is why doing some exercises on a really cold morning such as jumping jacks or running in place will help you feel warmer. However, being active in cold weather has its negatives. You may start to sweat, which can soak and freeze some of your garments. The other problem with being active is that it requires calories. If you have a limited food supply during your trip, this may become an issue because you will want to eat more food.

If you are camping overnight and the night looks like it’s going to be really cold, your goal should be to insulate yourself from all cold surfaces. Never sit or lie on the cold ground without using some kind of padding. You can even use pine boughs to create a soft pad that you can use for seating or sleeping. If you started a fire in the evening, you can put some rocks close to it, let them warm up and use them during the night. Finally, you can always use some candles to warm up your hands and the air that you inhale just like Behnam Rostami DDS would do.


Author: Behnam Rostami DDS

Behnam Rostami DDS was a veteran dentist in his home country of Iran for 20 years before he moved to the United States in 2001. In 2002, Rostami earned his California state dentistry license and worked as an associate dentist in another office. He opened his own dentist’s office in 2011 in Tracy, California. He later opened another in Santa Rosa, California and later sold his office in Tracy to open another in Gilroy, California.