Behnam Rostami DDS – Three Things all Good Movies Have

Behnam Rostami DDS is a huge movie fan. He enjoys everything from swift action movies to comedies to serious films about serious issues. Rostami enjoys a low-brow flick every once in a while, but when it comes to the truly great films, he is passionate about them and how they have affected his life. Rostami has learned much about America from films like Citizen Kane and The Godfather, and he has learned about the human spirit from many other great films over the years. But what makes a film great? Here are three things in common the best movies all have:

Human, three-dimensional characters. One of the things all great films do is transport you to a different realm sometimes wildly different than our own or remarkably similar. What makes the greatest films great is the people that populate these new realms. All great films have characters as three-dimensional and alive as the people that we see in our everyday lives.

A rich setting. The setting doesn’t have to be a sum of green screens and costume designs. It can simply be a room or a small place. No matter what the setting is, however, the greatest films make the setting come alive with its own voice and characterization in the story.

Emotionally adept acting. Behnam Rostami DDS has a long list of favorite actors he has seen and admired over the years. The best films have actors who can add to their characters rather than simply copy them. Actors bring emotional resonance and nuance to the best films.

Behnam Rostami DDS has two dental offices in Northern California.


Behnam Rostami DDS – Three Essential Items for Serious Mountain Climbers

Behnam Rostami DDS has climbed many mountains in his life and is always looking for the next challenge. He is a dentist with two offices in Northern California and he wants to challenge himself to climb the next mountain and get in better shape whenever possible. Rostami loves to get outdoors and experience the fresh mountain air with the knowledge that he accomplished a feat he set out to accomplish. Whenever he goes mountain climbing, there are many essential items he has to take with him. Here are three of his essential items:

At least two carabineers. Mountain climbers can never have too many carabineers. They make handy hooks and attachment devices to store and carry gear, and they can be used to set and use ropes on particularly steep rock faces and trails up a peak.

Helmet. Rocks can fall easily from above on the mountain. A head injury could mean death on a mountain in extreme circumstances and can cause serious problems in even ideal conditions. Behnam Rostami DDS takes a helmet when he knows he’ll experience some potentially dangerous, rocky terrain.

Wind jacket. A light jacket meant to break the wind is a perfect middle layer for when you’re nearing the summit and the temperatures plunge. It can also be good attire for preparing to ascend a peak from the town below.

Behnam Rostami DDS is an experienced mountain climber and dentist who loves to challenge himself to new and better heights in his life and work.