Behnam Rostami DDS – What is Tooth Extraction?

Behnam Rostami DDS is a skilled and experienced dentist with offices in Santa Rosa, California and Gilroy, California. He worked as a dentist with his own office in Tehran, Iran for 14 years before he moved to the United States and became fully licensed to practice in California. He has worked as an associate dentist and a general dentist for several other offices in the region, and he has performed his share of tooth extractions.

Tooth extractions are dental procedures and are exactly what they sound like. Behnam Rostami DDS and other professionals like him remove teeth from patients when they become unrepairable for a number of reasons. They sometimes perform tooth extractions when they determine that they need to stop or prevent overcrowding in the mouth. Behnam Rostami DDS has removed many teeth for patients for a variety of reasons. Usually these reasons ranging from tooth decay, periodontal disease in the gums, or dental trauma. A typical patient requiring tooth extraction usually comes to a dentist with a severe toothache or other discomfort resulting from a diseased tooth. Despite the fear and uneasiness surrounding these procedures, most are handled easily and mostly painlessly. The dentist usually only needs to administer local anesthetic to numb the pain, rather than put the patient under with anesthesia.

Behnam Rostami DDS has performed tooth extractions on hundreds of patients over his long career. Most of these procedures are preventable with proper maintenance of teeth and regular checkups, which can catch tooth decay and gum disease before they become serious problems.


Author: Behnam Rostami DDS

Behnam Rostami DDS was a veteran dentist in his home country of Iran for 20 years before he moved to the United States in 2001. In 2002, Rostami earned his California state dentistry license and worked as an associate dentist in another office. He opened his own dentist’s office in 2011 in Tracy, California. He later opened another in Santa Rosa, California and later sold his office in Tracy to open another in Gilroy, California.